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AV-list DesignLine

Upphängningssystem där hjulet rullar på en upphöjning i profilen. Inget damm eller smuts kan störa funktionen.

Välj mellan inbyggd LED-belysning - utförande vit, bok, ek, björk, naturanodiserad mm.
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Suspension system where the wheel rolls on an elevation in the profile. No dust or anything else can interfere with the function.

Automatic adjustment of the wheel to the strip - you do not even have to look, it just hangs on the accessory.

Built-in LED lighting. Paper holder functions - magnetic and ordinary clamping strip.

Built-in anti-tip device.

Hela systemet godkänt enligt Europeisk Standard EN-14434:2010

DesignLine AV-rail 3000 mm per piece. Including joint pin.

Decor, magnetic paper function, LED lighting and paper clipstrip are optional. The décors are made of aluminium. Variants in woodare covered with real veneer. Delivered in 3000mm lengths.

AV-rail: Anodized (excluding décor)
Full décors: White, Beech, Oak, Anodized, Birch, Stained Beech

Paper holders: Magnetic, 3000 mm.
Paper clip strip, 495 mm

LED lighting is sold in five-meter lengths.

Even light scattering. Perfect for raking and filling lights.

With LED lighting as an accessory for the AV-rail and if you choose the terminal strip, the front of your paper will be illuminated. If you attach the paper with the magnetic function, it is illuminated from the back.

DesignLine Writing board for AV rail
5,030.00 SEK 5,030.00 SEK 5030.0 SEK
Decor for AV rails
430.00 SEK 430.00 SEK 430.0 SEK
DesignLine AV Rail
1,060.00 SEK 1,060.00 SEK 1060.0 SEK
LED lighting warm white light (per meter)
870.00 SEK 870.00 SEK 870.0 SEK
Led Dimmer
2,025.00 SEK 2,025.00 SEK 2025.0 SEK
DesignLine Flipchart
4,050.00 SEK 4,050.00 SEK 4050.0 SEK
DesignLine Projection surface for AV rail
9,075.00 SEK 9,075.00 SEK 9075.0 SEK
Deep adjustable fittings
2,520.00 SEK 2,520.00 SEK 2520.0 SEK
Magnetfunktion, 3000 mm
465.00 SEK 465.00 SEK 465.0 SEK
Paper holder strip, 495 mm
90.00 SEK 90.00 SEK 90.0 SEK
DesignLine SuperWheel
320.00 SEK 320.00 SEK 320.0 SEK
DesignLine Suspension bracket kit
1,115.00 SEK 1,115.00 SEK 1115.0 SEK
Skarvbeslag till DesignLine AV-list
135.00 SEK 135.00 SEK 135.0 SEK