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DesignLine Writing board without frame

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1,320.00 SEK 1320.0 SEK 1,320.00 SEK

1,320.00 SEK

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DesignLine Skrivtavla utan ram.

A product that corresponds to today’s demand for minimalist design and function. Provides a free floating expression. Each writing board is finished by hand, which gives a craft beyond the usual.

Anpassad form!

Custom Shape!

If you want to stretch a little on the concept of minimalist design, you can also choose to have your very own shape on the board with our optional custom shape. Below you see some examples but it is entirely up to you what it should look like. A teacup, logo, skyline, electric guitar or a cartoon character? Just select the Custom Shape option for your whiteboard and add it to the shopping cart and give it a name (eg "gingerbread" or "star"). You send us your sketch, drawing or request, we draw it for your approval and then manufacture.


Hållbarhetsvärde: 2,7
Vi har bedömt denna produkt enligt kriterier som Ekodesign (reparer- demonter- och uppgraderingsbarhet), Material (återvinningsbart, återvunnet och känt ursprung), Klimatsmart (lokalt producerat, miljöpåverkan) och Socialt ansvar. Poängen (0-3) som redovisas här är ett genomsnitt. 


Pendax Custom Shop

Click on the play button and join a behind-the-scenes visit to our Pendax Custom Shop where we manufacture our customer-unique products. With the CNC milling machine, we not only make whiteboards in a shape that suits you, but also sockets that fit webcams and TV screens and other gadgets in our Installation-free range. 

Of course, we can also do the same with sound absorbers, bulletin boards or any other board-based products.

If you think it seems fun to work in the Pendax Custom Shop, you are absolutely right!